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HCP Metadata Query Tool (HCPmqt) queries Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) for information about object transactions. These are the ingestion and the deletion of objects within HCP. The term deletion also includes disposition, purging and pruning of objects.


  • Using HCPmqt can put severe load on HCP, especially if there is a huge number of objects stored. You might want to monitor HCP performance during a query and tune the load parameters accordingly.

  • The output file generated by this tool will be huge, depending on the number of objects (expect roundabout 20 GB for 100 million objects found). If you use the ‘Dirtree’ feature, expect the tool to claim up to 512 MB memory per 100 million objects. The tool will fail if it runs out of memory; to add insult to injury, this may affect other applications running on your system!

    Handle with care!

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