HCP load ParametersΒΆ


Using HCPmqt can put severe load on HCP, especially if there is a huge number of objects stored. You might want to monitor HCP performance during a query and tune the load parameters accordingly.


These values are intended to tune the load generated within HCP when running HCPmqt.

Use the Records / page field to specify the number of records that gets fetched from HCP with a single call. Larger number speed things up a bit, but need more local memory - where smaller number slow down things a bit, but need less memory. 5,000 to 10,000 is a value known as good.

The Throttle (sec/page) field asks the tool to pause for the defined number of seconds between subsequent page requests


Both values may be changed while a query is running. Please note that changes won’t take place until the page in work has been processed.

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