Two different output types are available:

  • csv - comma separated values (used to import data into spreadsheet software
  • sqlite3 - a single-file database [1]

Normally, the output will hold selected information only: urlName, version, operation and changeTimeMilliseconds.

If Verbose is checked, all information will be provided: urlName, objectPath, utf8Name, version, namespace, operation, type, size, retention, retentionString, retentionClass, ingestTimeString, ingestTime, accessTimeString, accessTime, changeTimeString, changeTimeMilliseconds, updateTimeString, updateTime, hashScheme, hash, acl, dpl, customMetadata, hold, index, replicated, shred, permissions, owner, uid, gid


If you need statistical data for a Namespace (or a HCP system at all), check Dirtree. This will write an additional file holding a JSON-structure containing the complete directory tree, including the number of files and subfolders per folder.


[1]SQlite3 databases can be used by most programming languages. You can also discover them by using the SQlite Shell available from sqlite.org if you like to use the commandline; if you prefer a GUI, try the SQLite Manager Add-on for the Firefox Webbrowser.

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