To be able to use HCPmqt, there are several prerequisites:

  • Using an system-level user account, log into the System Console:
    • Navigate to Security / Permissions and make sure that the Search permission is checked within the Systemwide Permission Mask.
    • A System-level user account can be used with HCPmqt for those Tenants that have delegated administrative rights to System-level users. In this case, the user account is required to have the Search role: navigate to Security / Users (or Groups), select the desired user in the list to open its panel. Make sure that Search is checked in the Role panel.
  • Using an Tenant user account, log into the Tenant Management Console of the Tenant to be queried:
    • Check if the Search permission is set in the Permissions panel on the Overview page.
    • Check that the Search permission is set for each Namespace to be queried.
    • Make sure the account to be used with HCPmqt has the Search permission: Navigate to Security / Users (or Groups) and select the user from the list. In the list of Namespaces at the bottom, select the Namespaces of interest and make sure that Search is checked.
  • To use a data access user (a Tenant Account without administrative rights):
    • use an administrative Tenant user to make sure that the respective user has the Search permission.


Tenants do not need to have the Search feature enabled to be queried by HCPmqt, nor is there a need to index the content!

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